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I am a native Houstonian. I have never lived elsewhere. I have had the opportunity to travel over the years. I am a recovering alcoholic. I have one cat who is indoor only.I love coffee very hot, popcorn, sweets, the sound of hummingbirds in flight, the songs of Mockingbirds, chirp of the Cardinals,butterflies, puppy breath, horse breath, the feel and sound of a cat purring (especially mine).

Thursday, May 28, 2009

life safari - Thursday 5-28

I am grateful to have had some very interesting and entertaining "happenings" in my life
I am also grateful to have had some very interesting and fun people in my life
I have had some experiences that other's have not had the opportunity to have
I have had some life shocks that are different than yours
all of these experiences and folks have had a profound effect on the way I view life and, my own life
there are some things I want to repeat and other things I hope I never have to go through again
My heart has rejoiced at times and been broken a time of two
I care too much about some things and don't care enough about some other things
but, mostly, I care too much when it comes to matters of the heart
I seem to have lived my life wanting to be older. When I was young, I wanted to be older so I could be out of my parents' home. Now, I want to be older so I can retire and (hopefully) travel
I say hopefully because, I wonder when I am able to retire, will I have money and health at the same time in order to travel
this concern is on the minds of all my friends who are my age. At least we have this same concern in common
I am grateful to be healthy. I am able get my socks on. I am able to get up and move about with few aching parts most mornings/evenings
any aches I have are put away with a good epson salt soak, Advil and a few hours on a heating pad
I don't lack for much of anything. I long for some things but my needs are met. Today I know the difference between needs and "wants"
I am grateful for the life that I have been living since 1997. It is a life in AA and people whom I love. AA led me to many other pleasing ways of life.
thank YOU

Thursday, May 21, 2009

life safari - Thursday 05-09

Well, here we are, another week almost over. Memorial Day on Monday. The 35 year anniversary of my mother's death this Saturday. Robert's wedding day in Mexico City. And, the sad realization that I most likely will not be able to get the morning shift - once again. I don't frankly believe that the one who CAN, is doing what he SHOULD for me in this matter - once again ! I am just re-visiting a place that keeps repeating itself in this work place. It is called CRONYism. Once again, the American (born and bred) takes it on the chin because-oh, forget it ! I could go on but the fact remains that...life isn't fair. No surprise.

I am, however, Grateful and Thankful...

that I have a job
for my Precious cat who is a source of joy and companionship that NO HUMAN can replace - she has her little "cat-ways" you all know what I mean
to be insured - so many of them aren't. Hopefully, that situation is going to change very soon
that, in so many ways and areas, I am a rich person. Wealthy beyond monetary verbage
that I will NOT let this situation with the job define my happiness (or not)
For Jill and the love I feel for her
for the fact that, I feel loved by her today
for the future plans of a trip back to Skyline Drive and the National Park with her later in the summer
for the freedom to look for another job at a relaxed pace. Who knows, something ideal for me may be closer than I know right now
that I am happy in my skin. Glad to be who I am and sad that the world can not seem to achieve PEACE
I am at peace today
thank YOU

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

life safari - May 19th

Yes, dAAve, my new schedule WILL be a treat. However, it will cut out my noon meetings. I will miss you all but will see you at other times.

For some reason, I am not able to open your blog spot any longer ? I will need to research the reason and find out why.

I am Grateful and Thankful...

to be alive, well and in love with life
this cool weather
that I have more vacation time and need to plan what to do with it. I'll lose it if I don't take it - NOT !!
for weight loss and Weight Watchers
to have people/critters I love and care about
to have a job and vacation time to take
too much to do a Gratitude List justice
Thank YOU

Thursday, May 14, 2009

life safari

Wow, haven't been here in months. I have been intent on following what is going on in Health Reform for many months when I'm on the computer. I had, and still have a major interest in this issue - as many of us do.

I am proud of the work our President is doing.

I am Grateful and Thankful...

that I don't have to make the decisions (on that scale and level)
to be alive and healthy
for Precious and the joy and companionship she brings to my life
to be sober
to have lost some weight in the past months. I have, once again, grown weary of the process and so have perhaps gained a bit this week
for the probablity that I will switch to the morning shift - finally, at work. And, this time, it won't be 7am to 7pm. It will be 7 to 2 pm AND, no more late nights with Microsoft meetings !! yeah !
I am already thinking of how I will spend my afternoons free - many more possibilities for more stimulating activities in my life. Yes, I have worked hard for 3 years and now it is my time to reap some of the pleasures
that I have learned to worry less, not let silly peoples' actions disturb me and smile in the face of adversity - ah, life is better !
Alas, I do have a late night with MS tonight. Precious woke me up very early this morning for breakfast but, I have plenty of time to do all the things I want, as a consequence
for the fact that I have people I love in my life and they love me
thank YOU

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

life safari April 8th

Wow, it has been ages since I've blogged.

I have been rushing through life, forgetting to smell the roses and too concerned about tomorrow to enjoy today.
my life is like a speeding, out of control train at times.

It is time to gear down, calm down and realize that life happens. It is a non-descriminating happening.

I am Grateful and Thankful...

to be alive and well, by all standards
I am Blessed beyond measure
I give myself permission to stay in the day and not worry about tomorrow - just for today
that I had a wonderful awakening to the birds, chattering their lovely talk this morning
It is a fine weather day in Houston ! Just right !
My Sponsor is traveling to San Diego for a week of fun and communion with friends there
I wish him a wonderful vacation
I work today
Precious is still my fantastic side-kick and we are just happy to have each other
And, I am happy to have YOU
for God's Grace and Mercy
thank YOU

Thursday, March 5, 2009

life safari - Thursday

One day closer to the end of this week !

And, it has been a very slow week. Sort of hum-drum but, it beats out of control exciting !

Today, I am Grateful and Thankful...

I am alive, well and loved

for more love in my life than I've ever been aware of
that I am sober, clean and smoke-free

to have plans for the weekend that are a bit different and that involves socializing with good friends and new

to be on a more level emotional plane than I was 3 weeks ago. All that new phone programing mess had me stirred up

to look forward to the noon meeting today and meeting a friend to look at his new life through his photos

for the Grace of God

for Precious and her company and love

that I have her to give love and stroking to. It is healing to love on one's pet

for friends and loved ones - my world is much more bearable and joyful because you are in it !

thank YOU and all You have Blessed me with


Sunday, March 1, 2009

life safari - Sunday, March 1st

I know Jill thinks I have absolutely lost my last marble. I wrote her an E-mail and started it by saying..."happy April the 1st." There may be no hope for my little pea brain.

I am Grateful and Thankful...

God, my higher power
a wonderful celebration of sobriety last night
that February is over and we are getting closer to warmer weather
for my friends and loved ones
for Precious. My house-mate
that I finally got music loaded into my new cell phone
that because I didn't give up, I can now enjoy my efforts of the above
I am happy that, when I want something, I persevere
for the Grace of God
to be sober, clean and smoke-free and,
the courage of one celebrant to talk about her quitting her anti-depressants. I have had pretty much the same experience she had. And, as she related, when I was on them - I defininately needed them. It is nice to be able to do with out and have a different life.

thank YOU